Desktop Basic Preset Package (4 presets)

Desktop Basic Preset Package (4 presets)

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Package includes 4 presets to compliment different types of exposed photos.

These are the 4 main presets I use when editing all of the images found on @huskyquoi’s instagram. While you will most likely need to make slight tweaks when using them on your photos, these are the ones I start with when editing. You will notice that in the final image, I have brought out Quoi’s eyes by using the Adjustment Brush. I simply brush over the eyes only, and then up the vibrance over the eyes. To see how I edit Quoi’s Instagram photos you can visit my personal IGTV series on Photography. These presets are meant to be used on animals, when you use them on yourself, you may notice your skin tone seems off (if you’re super tan you should be good), you’ll have to adjust the oranges or reds to fix this. These presets were made to be used in Lightroom Classic CC, but can be used in other Lightroom applications, they will just have less information, and you will see slightly less of a modification to your image.



1) You think the preset package will be a magical answer to your own instagram growth. There is no magic button to succeed on instagram.

2) You think your photos will finally be good enough if you can just have the secret of how Quoi’s are edited. Again, if you don’t think your photos are good enough now, it probably isn’t a filter issue, but rather an equipment issue. Find equipment that suits the style you wish to achieve.

3) You don’t have access to Lightroom or a computer. Because these won’t help you, and refunds are way to complicated on my end, so please don’t ask.



1) You really want to become a Lightroom master, but you just need a push in the right direction.

2) You want to enhance your photos, or perhaps try a different style compared to what you have been using, and you love Quoi’s aesthetic!

3) You just want to try something new on your feed, and you already are familiar with Lightroom!


If you buy these presets, please feel free to tag (@quoilife) so we can share your edit on Quoi's stories!


Common Questions

“Why do your presets cost $50? That’s over $10 a preset.”

You can go on Etsy and spend $20 for a preset pack and get 50 presets, but the chances of even one preset being in that package that you actually want to use are slim to none. Quoi’s aesthetic is something that has been tailored to his feed through lots of my own experience as professional photographer. You are not just paying for 4 individual filters, you are paying for what makes Quoi’s page, his page. You’re paying for a cheat sheet into creating images just like Quoi's without doing any of the work. This preset package is not meant to be sold to the masses, it’s meant to be sold to the select few people who are really truly interested in achieving an aesthetic like Quoi’s. Again, by selling these presets I cheapen Quoi’s aesthetic, as it is now open to anyone to be able to create pictures that have the same coloration as my Quoi boy. However, after receiving 2-5 DM’s a week from people requesting presets, we have decided to take the plunge. If you are hesitant about purchasing, please send a DM to my main account on instagram @thefreespiritedblonde and we will work out details where you send me 3 of your images shot in different lighting settings and I will show you your images with the filters, these images will be returned to you with a watermark over them.

“How do I install these onto my Lightroom Classic CC application?”

Directions can be found online with a quick google search. How you install will depend on if you use a Mac or Windows, and while there are ways to install these onto your mobile device, I am just here to explain the desktop version quick on a Mac. First you need to click on the Zip file to open all the files. Next, open Lightroom. When you have Lightroom open, make sure you are in the “Develop” section. On the left side of the application Under “Navigator” you will see “Presets” and there is a + and - sign, click the + sign and choose “import”. Finally, select all the files that you opened from the zip file! That easy!

“Will you release more Lightroom filters?”

As seasons change we may release other versions of these basic presets for limited time periods. We also may release a larger selection that has more drastic modifications, this means they will work on fewer photos because they are more drastic filters.

“Will I need to make modifications in Lightroom after I apply one of your filters?”

If your image is not evenly exposed, perhaps your highlights are blown out, or your shadows are way to dark, then yes you will most likely need to adjust those things, and possibly the exposure. If you shoot with a DSLR, you may have to adjust your temperature settings before apply the filter. I shoot all my photos in daylight and adjust in Lightroom if needed. If you shot on auto, your images may all have a different hue from one shot to the next, and even with these filters it will be difficult to get a constant feel if you continue to shoot this way.


By purchasing, you understand that there are NO REFUNDS. This is a digital item and there is simply no way for me to track whether or not you have used them. You also agree not to share distribute these presets or the files they come in to anyone else in any way.


Your digital download will be emailed to you!